McCormick-Deering W-30
Engine Gaskets, Felts & Seals
10413-D Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gasket $14.44

10419-D Crankcase Front Cover Gasket $7.18

10420-D Crankcase Front Plate Gasket $7.19

10421-D Oil Pan Gasket $9.00

10422-D Water Manifold Gasket $5.88

10497-D Crankcase Main Bearing Cover Plate Gasket $4.84

12235-D Water Inlet Elbow Gasket $2.17

12727-D Oil Filler Gasket $3.00

12728-D Governor Shield Gasket $3.54

12734-D Crankcase Front Felt $6.47

12748-D Crankcase Rear Felt $6.60

12757-D Carburetor Mounting Gasket $2.80

15950-D Oil Pump Gasket $2.28

16106-D W-40 Upper Head Gasket $54.00

18605-D Exhaust Pipe to Manifold Gasket $8.00

18728-D Thermostat Gasket $3.90

19905-DG Head Gasket $42.00

20044-D Fuel Inlet Screen Zenith K-5 Carburetor $10.75

21268-D Exhaust to Intake Manifold Gasket - Kerosene $12.00

29761-D Valve Cover Gasket $7.85

31227-DA W-40 Lower Head Gasket $54.00

7102-T Hand Hole Cover Gasket $2.61

7198-TA Water Pump Gasket $3.37

Gasket Sets
10-20/30 LES Lower Engine Set View Details $61.49

7316-DAX Engine Gasket Set View Details $135.56

F/W-30 VGS F-30 & W-30 Valve Grind Set View Details $74.07

Engine Parts
10319-D Starting Crank Pin 1/2 X 2 1/2 $6.25

10332-D Valve Tappet $29.50

10335-D Oil Pump Drive Pinion $42.50

10399-D Crankshaft Front Main Bearing $189.00

10400-D Crankshaft Roller Bearing - Rear $256.00

10408-D Water Outlet Stud 1/2 x 7 1/16 $9.50

10410-D Flywheel Key $9.25

14865-D Manifold Stud (Short F-30) $7.25

15179-D Starting Crank w/ Grip $72.50

15274-D Starting Crank Spring F-30 $9.25

18743-D Water Outlet Stud 1/2 x 9 13/16 $12.25

18744-DA Water Outlet Stud 1/2 x 9 13/16 $12.00

18745-D Water Outlet Stud 1/2 x 10 15/16 $12.50

19899-D Valve Spring (F-30) $17.50

19900-D Exhaust Valves View Details $29.50

19901-D Intake Valves View Details $29.50

1994-TA Oil Check Valve (Large) $25.00

19962-D Exhaust Manifold Nut $3.95

1998-TA Oil Check Valve (Small) $14.33

20279-DAX Cylinder Rings 1/4 (Set for 4 Pistons) $89.00

2290-D Valve Guide ( F-30) $26.25

24005-D Valve Cover Oil Filter Cap W-30 $14.50

2595-D Exhaust Outlet Elbow $34.95

2598-D Exhaust Pipe $55.95

264126-R92 Cylinder Rings 3/16 (Set for 4 Pistons) $89.00

27796-D Valve Oil Pad $26.25

29863-D Cylinder Head to Manifold Stud Long $8.00

37457-D Manifold Stud (Long, F-30) $8.77

40142-D Vertical Muffler (F-20/30) $37.35

4042-D Oil Trough Felt Set $5.56

4080-D Hand Hole Cover $18.50

435-DX Cylinder Sleeve - Used $125.00

5167-D Manifold-Gasoline $235.00

6825-H Starting Crank Spring W-30 $16.85

7176-T Piston Pin Bushing $34.50

7991-T Valve Lever Bushing $8.25

822-D F/W-30 Cylinder Sleeve O-Ring (Individual) View Details $4.20

8298-TC Connecting Rod Bearings 2 Halves (Used) $53.00

9982-T Thermostat Cage Air Vent Cock $11.50

G-1107 Cylinder Head to Manifold Stud Long $7.25

Air Cleaner Assembly
11196-D Air Cleaner Cover $24.95

17190-D Reinforcing Plate $5.00

19099-DC Air Cleaner Body Gasket $6.25

M-11948 Air Intake Screen $22.50

Oil Filter Assembly
13148-DAX Oil Filter Assembly $65.00

13727-D Oil Filter Retaining Nut Gasket $1.50

13728-D Oil Filter Cover Gasket $1.20

17373-DA W-30 OIL GAUGE PIPE (RUBBER) $27.50

28697-D Oil Filter $22.36

31041-DB Low Pressure Oil Gauge (w/IHC Logo) View Details $27.95

Cooling System
10429-D Water Tank Cover Gasket $3.50

10629-D Radiator Strip (Front) $12.50

10630-D Radiator Strip (Rear) $12.50

10646-DA Radiator Core Gasket F-30 (2 Req'd) View Details $6.44

11454-DA Radiator Core Gasket W-30 $15.00

13047-D Radiator Drain Cap - Winged $11.50

14018-D Radiator Overflow Tube F-30 (Upper) $2.85

18764-DA F-30 Fan Belt $57.99

18800-D Thermostat Cage Outlet Pipe Hose $4.25

19840-D Radiator Inlet Hose (3 X 2 1/2) $7.50

19875-D Radiator Overflow Tube (Lower) $6.50

20075-D Radiator Outlet Hose ( 2 x 3) $5.00

20289-D Water Pump Oil Seal Front $16.87

20290-D Water Pump Oil Seal Rear $15.75

20300-D Water Pump Felt Washer $12.75



20843-KIT W-30 Complete Radiator Bolt Kit $24.95

2370-D Water Pump & Fan Pulley Flange $41.00

28593-DB Radiator Core F-30 (New) $415.00

29203-DB Radiator Core W-30 (New) $450.00

3061-D Radiator Overflow Tube W-30 (Upper) $3.65

33041-DX Radiator Overflow Tube (Copper) $14.85

4080-D Water Tank Cover $18.50

4112-D Radiator & Hand Hole Bolt Gasket $1.85

50790-D Water Pump Packing $12.95

7198-TA Water Pump Outlet Gasket $3.37

ST-205 Water Pump Ball Bearing $17.00

W-30-H Water Pump to Manifold Hose (1-3/4 x 3) $4.50

W-30-H Water Pump to Block Hose (1-3/4 x 3) $4.50

Fuel System
10665-DAX Fuel Tank Webbing Kit W-30 View Details $29.25

11446-D Fuel Tank/Starting Tank Cap (Late) $35.00

13106-D Primer Cup $24.00

13194-D Sediment Bulb Screen $2.00

15619-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nipple $6.00

16718-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nut $6.75

19871-D Fuel Tank Straps F-30 $25.00

19968-DAX Fuel Tank Webbing Kit F-30 $28.75

20058-DAX Needle & Seat Zenith K-5 Carburetor $32.50

20590-DAX Carburetor Repair Kit Zenith K-5 View Details $32.93

21170-D Float (Brass for Zenith K5) $65.00

21206-D Carburetor Body Gasket $2.75

21214-D Idle Jet (K-5 Zenith) $28.95

21224-D Throttle Economizer Cap $14.00

21228-D Intake Gasket (K-5 Carburetor) $3.36

21632-D Carburetor to Manifold Gasket $3.37

22784-D Gas Tank Cap Gasket W-30 $6.00

22785-DA Fuel Tank Cap Large W-30 $20.25

23977-DA Starting Tank Gasket $2.25

23995-D F-30 Fuel Cap (New Style) $10.50

29899-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nut $3.75

36592-D Fuel Strainer -Late $85.00

49947-D Sediment Bowl Bail $7.20

50061-D Nut for Strainer $2.50

51344-V Glass Fuel Bowl $6.75

51346-V Fuel Strainer Gasket $1.32

7198-TA Carb to Manifold Gasket $3.37

G-Kit Zenith K-5 Gasket Kit $5.82

M-9000 Fuel Tank Sealer $36.25

10435-DB Spark Plug Wire Set for E-4A Magneto $22.75

10862-D Throttle Rod Spring $11.75

12740-D Magneto Coupling F-4 $35.00

12741-D F-4 Magneto Coupling Block $22.25

13173-D Spark Plug Set $25.00

14643-D W-30 Spark Rod Connection $7.00

17464-D Spark Plug Wire Set for F-4 Magneto $24.00

19783-D Spark Tube Connection to Magneto $15.00

19883/84-D F-30 Throttle & Spark Rod w/Tube $28.50

20965-DX W-30 Spark Control Rod $18.50

21319-D F-4 Top Cover Gasket $3.10

21364-D Lead Out Tower F-4 Magneto $26.25

21366-D Magneto Secondary Lead-Out Spring $2.50

21373-DBY F-4 Magneto Points/Contacts $20.75

21401-DAX F-4 Coil Assembly $65.25

21409-DB F-4 Magneto Condenser $12.50

26335-D F-4 Magneto (With core exchange) $275.00

26335-D F-4 Magneto (No Exchange) $325.00

28388-DA Magneto Breaker Housing Cover Compartment $29.75

32032-DX Distributor Brush $4.75

431-EB Spark Rod Tube Lever $20.00

7882-T Magneto Coupling E-4A $35.00

Front & Rear Wheel Assemblies
10828-D Front Wheel Cap Gasket $2.70

12300-D Front Wheel Felt F-30 $8.50

12312-D Front Wheel Hubcap $9.25

13201-D Front Wheel Bearing Race (Outer) $45.88

13205-D Front Wheel Bearing (Outer) $72.78

13207-D Front Wheel Bearing Race (Inner) $50.18

13211-DA Front Wheel Bearing (Inner) $122.62

15055-D Front Axle Shaft Felt Washer $14.58

19728-D Rear Axle Seal $9.54

22887-D Front Wheel Oil Seal $40.89

22888-DA Front Wheel Felt W-30 & F-30 Wide Front & Cane $9.25

Clutch Parts
10701-D Clutch Shaft Pilot Bearing $49.85

11537-D Clutch Pedal Return Spring $15.80

14622-D Clutch Facing w/Rivets $51.00

14678-D Clutch Cover Side Felt 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 8 $9.60

15946-DAR Clutch Release Bearing Grease Tube $27.50

16885-D Clutch Release Lever Spring $21.25

18100-D Clutch Shaft Bearing Oil Seal $27.50

19118-D Clutch Cover Front or Rear Felt 1/4 x 3/4 x 20 $7.20

19853-D Clutch Joint Rubber Washer $7.50

19854-D Universal/Clutch Joint Rubber Washer Retainer $8.25

19855-D Clutch Joint Screw $19.25

20992-D Clutch Pedal Return Spring W-30 $15.00

Brake Parts
15416-D Hand Brake Ratchet Spring $13.25

17682-D Brake Cable Clevis $12.75

19741-D Brake Linings (Set of 4) $82.00

19744-D Felt Washer to Keep Oil Off Brake Lining $10.25

19760-D Countershaft Oil Seal Inner $30.00

19761-D Countershaft Oil Seal Outer $26.25

19832-DX Brake Cable $75.50

19833-D F-30 Steering & Brake Cable Adjusting Nut $22.25

37991-D Brake Shoe Spring $19.10

39059-D Brake Pedal Return Spring $15.75

Governor Parts
1100-C Governor Rockshaft Bearing $10.00

12716-D Governor Ball w/ Pin S/N 26004 and Lower $76.80

12726-D Governor Housing Felt Washer $7.50

14136-D Governor Throttle Spring S/N 26004 and Lower $9.38

15278-D Gear Shift Lever Spring $7.50

26146-D Governor Speed Change Boot $65.00

39418-D Governor Spring S/N 26004 and up $12.25

Steering Assembly
19760-D Countershaft Oil Seal Inner $30.00

19761-D Countershaft Oil Seal Outer $26.25

19832-DX Steering & Brake Cable $75.50

19833-D F-30 Steering & Brake Cable Adj. Nut $22.25

19836-D F-30 Steering & Brake Cable Spring $27.25

21503-D Steering Gear Oil Seal $23.50

27886-D Steering Worm Ball Bearing $30.00

29118-DC Replacement 3 Spoke Steering Wheel 16" $60.00

37991-D Steering & Brake Shoe Spring $19.10

39059-D Steering & Brake Pedal Return Spring $15.75

39362-D Steering & Brake Cable Adjusting Nut $20.25

MA-22440 Steering Worm Oil Seal $21.30

Other Parts
10214-D Seat Support Spring (Coil) $49.75

10957-D W-30 Starting Crank Hook w/Support $12.50

19812-D PTO Shifter Bearing Oil Seal F-30 $12.50

20990-D Drawbar Adjusting Rod Upper W-30 $15.75

20991-D Drawbar Adjusting Rod Lower W-30 $16.25

M22967 Seat-Late (New Reproduction) View Details $62.00

MB488-B Seat-Early (Used) $55.00

SNP-100 Blank Serial Number Plate 4 Hole Mounting View Details $24.75

Miscellaneous Gaskets, Felts & Seals
19831-D Belt Pulley Packing 8'' View Details $11.76

Fenders & Sheet Metal
21075-D W-30 Hood, New Reproduction View Details $150.00

0405-0G Gray Primer (spray can) View Details $6.50

0405-1G Gray Primer (1 gallon) View Details $38.40

0405-4G Gray Primer (1 quart) View Details $15.25

5406-0R Red Primer (spray can) View Details $6.50

5406-1R Red Primer (1 gallon) View Details $38.40

5406-4R Red Primer (1 quart) View Details $15.25

HPT Paint Hardener (1/2 pint) View Details $17.50

M-210-B McCormick Deering Gray (1 gallon) View Details $56.00

M-210-BQ McCormick Deering Gray (1 quart) View Details $24.00

M-210-BS McCormick Deering Gray (spray can) View Details $8.25

M-212-A McCormick Deering Red (1 gallon) View Details $42.00

M-212-AQ McCormick Deering Red (1 quart) View Details $18.00

M-212-AS McCormick Deering Red (spray can) View Details $8.25

PUB-116 F-30 Owner's Manual $14.50

PUB-117 W-30 Owner's Manual $21.95

PUB-123 International Harvester Shop Manual View Details $36.50

R0775 F-30 Decals $32.25

R0776 F-30 Narrow Tread Decals $32.25

R0796 W-30 Decals $30.00

Hose Clamps
35780R91-3 3 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $4.25

357870R91-1 1 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $3.75

357870R91-13/4 1 3/4 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $3.75

357870R91-21/2 2 1/2 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $4.25

357870R91-21/4 2 1/4 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $4.25

357870R91-23/4 2 3/4 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $4.25

357870R91-25/8 2 5/8 inch Whittek Tower Hose Clamp View Details $4.25

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