McCormick-Deering 10-20
Front & Rear Wheel Assemblies
10510-D Rear Axle Nut S/n 69163 & Lower $30.00

10512-D Rear Axle Felt Retainer S/N 69163 & Lower $10.20

10711-DB Front Wheel Roller Bearing Outer (Flat) $107.70

10828-D Front Wheel Cap Gasket $3.24

12300-D Front Wheel Felt Seal $10.20

12301-D Front Wheel Felt Washer Retainer Inner $8.70

12302-D Front Wheel Felt Washer Rretainer Outer $21.60

12312-D Front Wheel Hubcap $11.10

12807-DA Rear Axle Felt $11.68

13201-D Front Wheel Bearing Race (Inner) $55.06

13205-D Front Wheel Bearing (Inner) $147.14

13207-D Front Wheel Bearing Race (Outer) $60.22

13211-DA Front Wheel Bearing (Outer) $147.14

15055-D Front Axel Shaft Felt Washer $17.50

15059-D Rear Axel Hub Gasket $6.30

15142-D Rear Wheel Felt Washer $13.68

18242-D Rear Axle Oil Seal (Serial Number 9871 and Above) $68.88

18380-D Rear Axle Felt (Serial Number 9871 and Above) $17.34

4492-D Rear Axle Felt S/N 69163 & Lower $9.36

4592-DC Front Wheel Roller Bearing Inner (Flat) $135.00

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