Fordson F
Rear Axle
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S-1 Rear axle shaft $90.00

S-10 Rear axle housing 1/2 in. pipe plug $0.90

S-11 Rear axle lube fitting $6.48

S-13 Differential gear lock ring $3.00

S-14 Differential pinion spider $54.00

S-15 Differential pinion $30.00

S-16 Differential housing $42.00

S-17 Differential housing bolt $1.02

S-18 Differential housing bolt nut $0.30

S-19-NEW New Differential housing ball bearing View Details $508.10

S-1-A Rear axle shaft gear $48.00

S-1-B Rear axle shaft & gear $138.00

S-2 Rear axle housing - right or left $78.00

S-20-B Worm gear $186.00

S-21-C Worm & nut assembly- right hand $150.00

S-21-D Worm & nut assembly- left hand $210.00

S-22-C Worm shaft thrust roller bearing assembly ( NEW) $234.00

S-22-C Worm shaft thrust roller bearing assembly (USED) $153.60

S-25 Worm nut- right hand thread $5.40

S-25-B Worm nut- left hand thread $5.40

S-26 Worm shaft thrust roller bearing race $0.00

S-27 Rear axle grease cup $21.90

S-3 Rear axle housing cap screw $1.02

S-4 Rear axle housing gasket - right or left $10.90

S-5/6 Rear axle roller bearing & sleeve assembly $79.50

S-8 Rear Axel Shaft Felt Retainer -Early (1918 - 1920) $19.80

S-8-B Rear axle shaft felt $4.20

S-9 Felt Seal for S-9-C $11.70

S-9-C Rear Axel Felt Retainer Improved View Details $53.40

S-9-C/D/E Rear axle shaft felt retainer & seal assembly $93.30

S-9-D Rear axle shaft felt washer & seal $28.20

S-9-E Rear axle shaft grease retainer gasket $4.38

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