Fordson F
Front Axle
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S-51 Front axle (early) $42.00

S-51-B Front axle (late) $90.00

S-52 Front axle trunnion $18.90

S-52-B Front axle trunnion pin $6.60

S-53 Front axle trunnion bushing $6.00

S-53-B Front axle trunnion cotter $0.42

S-54 Radius rod $42.00

S-55 Radius rod bushing $4.20

S-56 Radius rod pin $6.60

S-56-C Radius rod pin-rear $4.20

S-57 Radius rod bolt $3.00

S-58 Radius rod bolt & Spindle Arm Ball nut View Details $1.80

S-59 Spindle body $48.00

S-60 Spindle body bushing $6.00

S-61 Spindle pin $28.80

S-62 Spindle pin washer $1.80

S-63 Front wheel dust ring $19.80

S-63-B Front wheel dust ring felt $4.20

S-64 Spindle pin grease cup $14.34

S-65 Spindle felt $0.54

S-66 Spindle felt retainer $0.00

S-67 Spindle & Spindle Arm Washer $1.80

S-68 Spindle pin & Spindle Arm nut $4.20

S-69 Spindle arm front assembly - right $14.40

S-70 Spindle arm front assembly - left $21.60

S-71 Spindle arm bushing $2.40

S-74 Spindle connecting rod $22.20

S-75 Spindle connecting rod yoke pin $5.40

S-75-B Spindle connecting rod yoke pin greasable $9.00

S-76 Spindle arm ball $17.94

S-78 Steering gear connecting rod assembly $38.40

S-79 Steering gear connecting rod $26.40

S-80 Steering gear connecting rod cap $10.20

S-81/82 Steering gear connecting cap bolt & nut $1.50

S-83-B Front axle rubber block $0.00

S-84 Front axle spring seat $54.00

S-86 Trunnion pin washer $1.50

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