Fordson F
Spark Coil
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S-714 Coil box cap screw $0.20

S-726 Coil box W/cover - early (rebuilt) $294.00

S-726-B Coil box w/cover - late (rebuilt) $270.00

S-728 Coil box cover (1919-1923) $35.40

S-728-B Coil box cover - late $44.40

S-729 Coil box terminal sleeve $1.50

S-730 Coil switch assembly $342.00

S-730-B Coil switch repair kit $85.00

S-730-C Coil switch plate $15.00

S-731 Coil switch lever $7.50

S-732-W Coil unit wooden case - new $118.90

S-733/4 Coil point set $12.30

S-737 Coil box stud & nut set $5.40

S-739 Coil box cap screw nut $0.48

S-740 Coil box cover gasket $3.66

S-741 Coil box washer $0.24

S-742-E Coil box, wood - early $31.80

S-742-L Coil box, wood - late $45.00

S-743 Coil box contacts $13.80

S-744 Coil Box Bolt, Nut, and Washer Kit $11.40

S-746/7/8/9 Ignition switch terminal assembly View Details $34.20

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