Fordson F
Holley 295 Vaporizer
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S-1101-B Float chamber assembly $180.00

S-1102-B Float chamber & plug assembly $0.00

S-1103 Fuel passage plug $0.00

S-1104-B Float chamber cover & bracket assembly $53.40

S-1105 Drain valve plug & handle assembly $15.00

S-1106 Adjusting needle assembly $40.50

S-1107/13 Float valve needle & seat $24.60

S-1108 Adjusting needle seat assembly $22.20

S-1109 Float & lever assembly $22.20

S-1110 Mixer Chamber Plug Gasket $0.24

S-1111 Float lever pin $1.20

S-1112 Float chamber cover screw $0.42

S-1114 Float chamber cover gasket $2.46

S-1115 Adjusting needle bushing $24.30

S-1117 Mixer chamber assembly $240.00

S-1118 Strangling lever & rod assembly $98.40

S-1119 Air valve shaft assembly $15.54

S-1120 Throttle lever & rod assembly $0.00

S-1121 Mixer chamber primer assembly $5.40

S-1122 Strangling throttle plate pin $0.00

S-1124 Throttle stop lever plate $0.00

S-1125 Throttle stop lever plate stud $19.80

S-1126 Air valve $21.60

S-1127 Air valve shaft retainer screw $0.00

S-1128 Mixer chamber $0.00

S-1129 Mixer chamber plug $19.14

S-1131 Throttle plate $7.80

S-1132 Strangling throttle plate $8.10

S-1136 Manifold assembly $474.00

S-1138 Stud nut $0.72

S-1139 Vapor outlet tube $7.80

S-1140 Vapor outlet tube nut $45.00

S-1141 Manifold vaporizing plate bushing $34.80

S-1142 Manifold cover $198.00

S-1143 Float chamber screw $1.82

S-1144 Fuel jet $43.20

S-1145 Mixer chamber to manifold screw $0.00

S-1146 Mixer chamber to manifold gasket $5.90

S-1147 Manifold cover plate bushing $30.00

S-1148 Manifold vaporizing plate (stainless steel) $63.80

S-1149 Manifold cover plate (stainless steel) $49.02

S-1150 Primary air tube $11.40

S-1151 Float chamber gasket $1.80

S-1152 Manifold cover stud $7.50

S-649-B Exhaust pipe flange stud $5.25

S-691 Governor flange cover $3.60

S-692 Governor flange cover gasket $2.39

S-693 Governor flange cover screw $0.30

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