Fordson F
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S-1501 Coupling magneto & impulse assembly $420.00

S-1503 Magneto gear shaft thrust washer $0.00

S-1505 Magneto weight arrester plate cover felt $2.70

S-1506 Magneto bracket with bushing assembly $33.60

S-1507 Magneto bracket gasket $4.80

S-1508 Magneto shaft & Gear assembly $45.60

S-1508-B Magneto shaft & gear assembly $45.60

S-1509 Magneto bracket - drive shaft bushing $0.00

S-1510 Magneto gear coupling $0.00

S-1511 Magneto driving disc $0.00

S-1514 Magneto impulse coupler spring housing $30.00

S-1515 Magneto impulse coupler spring $30.00

S-1516 Magneto impulse coupler weight assembly $16.80

S-1518 Magneto weight arrester plate assembly $0.00

S-1523 Magneto impulse coupler hub $23.40

S-1524 Magneto weight arrester plate assembly $0.00

S-1530 Magneto grounding brush & spring $0.00

S-1531 Magneto rotor & gear assembly $0.00

S-1532 Magneto distributor plate (F-19540-AR) $0.00

S-1532-B Magneto distributor plate (F-19450-BR) $0.00

S-1533 Magneto distributor brush & spring $0.00

S-1534 Magneto interrupter fastening screw $0.00

S-1535 Magneto interrupter complete $0.00

S-1536 Magneto contact screw long (F-19544-R) $0.00

S-1537 Magneto contact screw long (F-19545-R) $0.00

S-1538 Magneto interrupter level $0.00

S-1539 Magneto contact support block $0.00

S-1540 Magneto interrupter housing $0.00

S-1541 Magneto interrupter end cap assembly $0.00

S-1542 Magneto interrupter holding spring $14.40

S-1543 Magneto wrench $0.00

S-1544 Magneto armature (less bearings) $0.00

S-1545 Holding spring $0.00

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