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S-100 Front wheel assembly - steel $150.00

S-100-A Front wheel assy- cast iron (English/Irish) $200.00

S-100-B Front wheel assy- rubber (industrial) $200.00

S-101 Front wheel cap $7.00

S-102/103 Front wheel roller spindle bearing & cup-outer $125.00

S-104/105 Front wheel roller spindle bearing & cup-inner $225.00

S-106 Front wheel spindle washer $2.75

S-107 Front wheel ball bearing-outer $0.00

S-108 Front wheel ball bearing-inner $0.00

S-120 Rear wheel assembly - right $200.00

S-121 Rear wheel assembly - left $200.00

S-122 Rear wheel hub cap screw $2.00

S-123 Rear wheel bushing $14.50

S-124 Rear wheel cleat - right $12.00

S-125 Rear wheel cleat - left $12.00

S-126 Spade lug $9.50

S-128 Rear wheel cleat rivet $0.68

S-129 Rear wheel hub driver & puller screw $13.50

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