Fordson N
Gasoline Tank
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M-9000 Tank Sealer $43.50

S-163 Gasoline feed tube pack nut $2.70

S-176 Gasoline Starting tank $222.00

S-177 Gasoline Starting tank cap - original style $16.80

S-178 Gasoline tank plug $14.40

S-179 Gasoline tank plug gasket $2.99

S-180 Gasoline tank petcock $8.34

S-181 Gasoline feed tube $8.40

S-181-B Fuel feed tube - Short $8.40

S-182 Gasoline tank cap screw $0.90

S-183 Gasoline tank screw lock washer $0.12

S-184 Auxiliary gas tank plug $3.54

S-185 Fuel valve - two way $65.00

S-186 Fuel tank assy - early or late $570.00

S-186 NEW Reproduction 2 hole fuel tank assembly - late $600.00

S-186-NEW-1 New Reproduction 1 hole Fuel Tank Assembly - Early View Details $570.00

S-187 Fuel tank outlet cap $42.00

S-188 Fuel tank outlet gasket $1.80

S-189 Gasoline tank elbow $8.40

S-190 Gasoline/kerosene feed tube 3 foot $8.40

S-192 Sediment bulb assembly - late (Rebuilt) View Details $210.00

S-193 Sediment bulb screen retainer $16.50

S-194 Sediment bulb screen assembly $8.10

S-194-D Fuel drain $22.80

S-195 Sediment bulb valve handle $9.00

S-196 Sediment bulb valve packing $4.14

S-197 Sediment bulb valve stem nut $0.42

S-198 Sediment bulb valve nut $5.40

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