Fordson N
Magneto and Flywheel
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S-18 Flywheel stud nut $0.25

S-300-RB Magneto coil assembly - rebuilt (NO EXCHANGE) View Details $435.00

S-300-RB (EX) Magneto Coil Assembly - rebuilt (EXCHANGE ONLY) View Details $285.00

S-301 Magneto coil support shim $0.25

S-302 Magneto coil support screw $0.35

S-303 Primary contact assembly $16.25

S-305 Flywheel early $25.00

S-305-B Flywheel late $25.00

S-306 Flywheel magnet $5.50

S-307 Flywheel magnet clamp $0.75

S-308 Flywheel magnet clamp screw $1.10

S-309 Flywheel magnet support $0.75

S-310 Flywheel magnet bolt $0.75

S-311 Flywheel magnet washer $0.75

S-312 Flywheel ball bearing - pilot $58.20

S-313 Flywheel stud $3.50

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