Fordson N
Kingston Vaporizer L-D
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S-1000 Vaporizer Assembly $0.00

S-1002 Manifold assembly $0.00

S-1003 Manifold Stud $4.00

S-1004 Booster $0.00

S-1005 Carburetor connection assembly $0.00

S-1006 Carburetor connection assembly $0.00

S-1007 Throttle disc $9.50

S-1015 Carburetor assembly $0.00

S-1016 Carburetor body assembly $0.00

S-1017 Strangling throttle lever rod assembly $0.00

S-1018 Strangling throttle disc $3.00

S-1020 Low speed needle, head & stem assembly $0.00

S-1020-B Low speed needle, head & stem assembly $0.00

S-1021 Plug $10.25

S-1022 Low speed needle head nut $0.00

S-1022 High speed needle stem binder post nut $0.00

S-1023 High speed needle & head assembly $30.00

S-1024 High speed needle stem binder post $0.00

S-1024-B High speed needle stem binder post $0.00

S-1026 Fuel cap $0.00

S-1027 Fuel cap gasket - upper $1.45

S-1028 Fuel cap gasket - upper $1.25

S-1029 Fuel clamp nut $8.75

S-1030 Float assembly $23.50

S-1031 Air valve $22.00

S-1032 Air valve shaft & plug assembly $14.00

S-1033 Air valve stop assembly $0.00

S-1034 Drain Valve $4.50

S-1035/6 Drain valve assembly $21.50

S-1038/39 Float valve needle & seat $30.00

S-1040 Float valve lever pin $0.50

S-1041 Venture $0.00

S-1042 Inlet manifold floater $8.00

S-1043 Screw for fastening venture $0.00

S-1044 Carburetor connection to manifold gasket $2.11

S-1045 Carburetor connection to manifold cap screw $0.00

S-1046 Carburetor connection to manifold bolt $0.00

S-1047 Carburetor connection to carburetor cap screw nut $0.00

S-1048 Carburetor connection to carburetor gasket $3.23

S-1049 Strainer body $25.00

S-1050 Strainer gasket $0.75

S-1051 Strainer post $20.00

S-1052 Strainer screen $5.00

S-1053 Strainer cup $21.00

S-1054 Strainer cup gasket $0.75

S-189 Gasoline inlet elbow $5.25

S-691 Mixing chamber governor flange cover $3.00

S-692 Mixing chamber governor flange cover gasket $0.75

S-693 Mixing chamber gov. flange cover screw $0.25

S-695 Throttle stop lever plate $0.00

S-699 Throttle stop lever plate stud $12.50

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