Farmall Cub & Cub LowBoy
Cooling System
ABC1398 Radiator Cap w/Gasket (For 7 PSI Pressurized System) (S/N 248125 and UP) $5.95

IHS018 Radiator Support IH Part #350886R11 $365.00

IHS188GK Radiator Mounting Gasket $9.85

IHS301 Radiator Cap IH Parts #351030R91 & #400586R91 (Exactly Like Original for non pressurized system) $9.95

IHS951 Radiator Core Bolt and Washer Kit ( Stainless Steel) $15.35

R0436 Radiator IH Part # 351878R92 $209.25

R0661 Fan Assembly IH Parts #251427R91 & #358210R91; Double Pulley Assembly $74.64

R2697 Radiator and Air Cleaner Hose Kit w/Original White Whittek Tower Style Hose Clamps $55.35

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