Farmall Cub & Cub LowBoy
Ignition & Electrical IHC J4 Magneto
ABC121 Distributor Cap IH Part #351693R92 $11.50

F4 CONDENSOR F4 Condensor (Up to S/N 81410) IH Part #354136R92 & #373892R91 $14.65

IHS1166 J4 Magneto Gasket Set $12.95

IHS1294 Distributor Insulating Terminal Washer IH Part #251528R1 $3.50

IHS974 Spring Anchor Terminal Insulator IH Part # 353906R1 $4.50

IHS988 Terminal Screw IH Part #353907R1 $6.95

J4 COIL J4 Magneto Coil IH Part #352355R91 $71.00

J4 CONDENSOR J4 Condensor (S/N 81411 & UP) IN Part #353903R92 $7.95

J4 POINTS Point Set IH Part #353172R91 $9.95

J4 ROTOR J4 Magneto Rotor IH Part # 351692R91 $39.95

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