Farmall A & Super A
Steering Parts
IHS299 Steering Wheel (A, B, C, & Early Super A to S/N 355669) IH Part #60069D $49.50

IHS328 Steering Wheel (Late Super A(S/N356000 up) C, Super C) IH Part #60070D $49.50

IHS685 Steering Wheel Nut $2.80

IHS964 Steering Shaft Support Knuckle (A, Super A, B) IH Part #9442DAX $28.50

R1846 Steering Wheel (Super A from S/N1355670, C, Super C) IH Part #60070D (17 5/8 $41.25

R2426 Steering Wheel (A, Super A, B, C) IH Part #60069D (15 $41.25

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