Farmall H & Super H
Ignition & Electrical
ABC389 Fuse Holder $10.95

ABC458 Starter Drive (Bendix) Services Delco Starters w/ original spring style and 10 teeth (H, Super H) $39.50

ABC507 Starter Drive Spring (For ABC458 Starter Drive) IH Part #1860639 $23.95

ABC511 Starter Tag W/ 2 Rivets (Delco Remy Starters) 6 volt $14.45

ABC514 Starter Tag W/ 2 Rivets (Delco Remy Starters) 12 volt $14.45

IHS1292 Starter Drive Housing (Super H to S/N19233) $52.35

IHS381 Ignition Switch (For Magneto Ignitions) $39.95

IHS382 Ignition Switch (For Distributor Ignitions) $39.95

IHS440 Starter Lever IH Parts #1918322 & #1919434 (Super H) $7.50

IHS480 Wiring Harness Kit (For H when converted to regulator on generator $189.95

IHS483 Wiring Harness Kit (6 volt Systems, Super H S/N 19234 & Up w/ battery under seat) $198.00

IHS488 Wiring Harness Kit (6 volt systems, Super H up to S/N 19233 w/ battery under tank) $189.95

IHS546 Starter Hand Crank w/ spinner (tricycle front only) 17" to first bend 7/8" diameter) $61.35

IHS843 Wiring Harness Grommet $3.95

IHS904 Wiring Harness (6 volt systems, Fits H up to S/N350953 w/ cut-out on top of generator) $189.95

IHS906 Wiring Harness (6 volt systems, Fits H - S/N350954 & up with regulator under fuel tank) $199.95

R3682 Starting Switch (Push Button Type) IH Part #356913R91 (Fits H) $12.65

R3683 Starting Switch (Saddle Mount Style) IH Part #1918405 (Fits Super H) $9.27

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