Farmall H & Super H
Brake Parts
ABC1225 Disc Brake Ball (H, Super H) 7/8" diameter Steel Ball (Sold Individually) $1.80

ABC561 Actuating Spring for Disc Brakes (H, Super H) IH Part #354627R1 (Sold Individually) $7.50

IHS1375 Clutch & Brake Pedal Shaft (H to S/N391357 w/ brand brakes) IH Part #50170DA (22.56" long, 1.130" diameter) $55.50

IHS1376 Clutch & Brake Pedal Shaft (H from S/N391358 w/ disc brakes) IH Part #358051R1 $59.45

IHS687 Brake Pedal Return Spring (H w/ band brakes) IH Part #48599DA (8 1/8" o/a Length) $7.95

IHS826 Adjusting Bolt for Disc Brakes (Late H from S/N 391358, Super H) IH Part #358050R1 $9.90

IHS873 Brake Pedal Return Spring (Super H) IH Part #357164R1 (4" o/a Length) $9.95

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