Farmall M Super M & MTA
Transmission Parts
ABC1425 Woven Clutch Disc For Rockford Clutch (M from S/N39405) IH Part #14736D, #23573DA, #52848D/DA (11 $55.00

ABC1503 Transmission Counter Shaft Seal View Details $7.65

IHS323 Clutch Easy Pedal Adaptor(M, Super M & MTA) Installs between clutch rod and release shaft $34.95

IHS423 PTO Shield (M from S/N59957, Super M) IH Part #66424DAXA (11" o/a length) $69.30

IHS424 PTO Shield (for independent PTO) (MTA) IH Part #360181R91 &364712R21 (6" O/A length) $69.30

IHS873 Clutch Spring IH Part #357164R1 (Super M S/N 60001 & up) $9.95

IHS882 Clutch Spring IH Part #49444DA (M, Super M to S/N 60000) 6" o/a length $14.95

R0126 Transmission Drive Shaft -20 / 39 Teeth (M) IH Part #52089DD $179.63

R0128 3rd & 4th Drive Gear -26 / 29 Teeth (M) IH Part #56530DA $133.26

R0130 4th & 5th Sliding Gear - 20 / 34 Teeth (M) IH Part #56535DA $160.71

R0418 Clutch Release Sleeve Carrier, IH Part #6758D $27.88

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