Farmall Regular
Engine Gaskets. Felts & Seals
10321-DD Head Gasket $35.18

10367-D Magneto Bracket Gasket $3.75

10378-D Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gasket $13.14

10415-D Crankcase Front Cover Gasket $6.85

10416-D Crankcase Front Plate Gasket $6.28

10417-D Oil Pan Gasket $7.50

10418-D Water Manifold Gasket $5.88

10496-D Main Bearing Cover Plate Gasket $4.80

10690-D Radiator Outlet Elbow Gasket $2.14

12235-D Water Inlet Elbow Gasket $2.17

12727-D Oil Filler Gasket (Governor) $3.00

12728-DA Governor Shield Gasket $3.54

12734-D Crankshaft Front Felt $6.47

12748-D Crankshaft Rear Felt $6.60

14050-D Exhaust Elbow Gasket $5.50

15950-D Oil Pump Gasket $2.28

16740-D Crankcase Rear Gasket $5.52

18605-D Exhaust Pipe to Manifold Gasket $8.00

21250-D Gasket Between Intake & Exhaust Manifolds $10.00

23027-D Governor Rod Cover Gasket $2.10

29760-D Valve Cover Gasket $7.61

7102-T Side Hand Hold Cover Gasket $2.61

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