Farmall M Super M & MTA
Throttle & Governor Parts
FDS073 Friction Disc Only (For IHS035) $3.50

IHS035 Gas Lever(M & W style) w/ FDS073 Friction Disc and Spring $29.95

IHS490 Saw Tooth Throttle / Governor Control Assembly IH Part #51351DBX $56.50

IHS603 Lever Only (For IHS490) IH Part #51348DAX $19.95

IHS634 Repair Keyway w/out Nut (for Square tooth Throttle Assembly) IH Part #361245R1 $6.95

IHS634N Nut for IHS634 $0.50

IHS875 Throttle / Governor Control Spring (For IHS490) IH Part # 51349D (1.322" o/a length, .085" wire, .925" O.D.) $5.25

IHS878 Governor Spring (2.700" o/a length, .110" wire diameter) IH Part #49407DBX (M, Super M & MTA) $9.95

IHS987 Throttle Spring Only (for IHS035) $4.95

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