Farmall F-30
Fuel System
10665-DAX Fuel Tank Webbing Kit W-30 View Details $35.10

11446-D Fuel Tank/Starting Tank Cap (Late) $42.00

13106-D Primer Cup $28.80

13194-D Sediment Bulb Screen $2.40

15619-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nipple $7.20

16718-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nut $8.10

18564-D Wire Bail $3.00

19871-D Fuel Tank Straps F-30 $30.00

19968-DAX Fuel Tank Webbing Kit F-30 $34.50

20044-D Fuel Inlet Screen Zenith K-5 Carburetor $12.90

20058-DAX Needle & Seat Zenith K-5 Carburetor $39.00

20590-DAX Carburetor Repair Kit Zenith K-5 View Details $40.72

21170-D Float $78.00

21206-D Carburetor Body Gasket $3.30

21214-D Idle Jet (K-5 Zenith) $34.74

21224-D Throttle Economizer Cap $16.80

21228-D Intake Gasket (K-5 Carburetor) $4.03

21632-D Carburetor to Manifold Gasket $4.04

22784-D Gas Tank Cap Gasket W-30 $7.20

22785-DA Fuel Tank Cap Large W-30 $24.30

23977-DA Starting Tank Gasket $2.70

23995-D F-30 Fuel Cap (New Style) $12.60

29899-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nut $4.50

36592-D Fuel Strainer -Late $96.00

49947-D Sediment Bowl Bail $8.64

50061-D Nut for Strainer $3.00

51344-V Glass Fuel Bowl $8.10

51346-V Fuel Strainer Gasket $1.58

7198-TA Carb to Manifold Gasket $4.04

G-Kit Zenith K-5 Gasket Kit $6.98

M-9000 Fuel Tank Sealer $43.50

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