Farmall F-30
10435-DB Spark Plug Wire Set for E-4A Magneto $27.30

10862-D Throttle Rod Spring $14.10

12740-D Magneto Coupling F-4 $42.00

12741-D F-4 Magneto Coupling Block $32.55

13173-D Spark Plug Set $30.00

14643-D W-30 Spark Rod Connection $8.40

17464-D Spark Plug Wire Set for F-4 Magneto $34.56

19783-D Spark Tube Connection to Magneto $18.00

19883/84-D F-30 Throttle & Spark Rod w/Tube $34.20

20965-DX W-30 Spark Control Rod $22.20

21319-D F-4 Top Cover Gasket $3.72

21344-DAY Distributor Cap F-4 $0.00

21364-D Lead Out Tower F-4 Magneto $31.50

21366-D Magneto Secondary Lead-Out Spring $3.00

21373-DBY F-4 Magneto Points/Contacts $24.90

21401-DAX F-4 Coil Assembly $78.30

21409-DB F-4 Magneto Condenser $15.00

26335-D F-4 Magneto (With Exchange) $342.00

26335-D F-4 Magneto (No Exchange) $412.00

28388-DA Magneto Breaker Housing Cover Compartment $35.70

32032-DX Distributor Brush $5.70

431-EB Spark Rod Tube Lever $24.00

7882-T Magneto Coupling E-4A $42.00

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